Sisters are doing it for themselves..

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Come December most of Melbourne gets ready in anticipation for the biggest battle to hit King St, the Sisters of Seduction group show competition. This hugely successful competition pits two of Melbourne’s iconic strip clubs against each other in an all out battle for club supremacy.

This year the format has changed. The Men’s Gallery proving time and time again it is in a class of its own when it comes to group show production has decided to put on the competition using all in house talent creating 4 epic group shows to debut on the 5th of April.

With past group shows going viral such as Mortal Kombat or the ingenious Jungle Show or the 10 man spectacular Michael Jackson show, the industry is eagerly excited to see what the brains behind the choreography Beck Porter will produce this time around.

When asked how will she keep the showgirls motivated now that they are competing against themselves Beck Porter responded ‘The girls feel more relaxed this time around, whilst they love the competition element against centrefold, they aren’t as nervous and therefor are more focussed on putting on the best show they can and supporting their friends and fellow showgirls.”

We went on to ask Beck what crazy ideas she has in store for us ‘Just wait and see, a big shout out to our prop guys Wow Factor in Geelong!” Like most of Melbourne we are going to have to wait until April to see.


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