When people think of The Men’s Gallery they think of amazing shows and entertainment, beautiful women and a great place to have a drink or three. Whilst entertainment, women and drinks are all ingredients for an awesome night out, most people don’t realise that there is also an amazing chef who’s food is as mouth watering as it visually pleasing.

food at the mens gallery

Whether it is gourmet pies for a quick after work snack or the out of this world lamb koftas, Chef Jeremy ensures that you will be satisfied with his finely crafted skills in the kitchen.

Cheese Platters at the Mens Gallery

Now let’s say you are planning a Bucks party or Birthday function. Usually it includes some sort of day activity involving a few frothies. There’s always that one or two blokes that may have had that one too many. Rather than end the night early, Chef Jeremy has your back with some amazing function platters that will help line the stomachs of the troops so that you and the boys can continue to go on all night long! Ask our function coordinator about the options available to you today on 03 9670 0331.

food for party

So be sure to check in with Chef Jeremy next time you’re in and have a read of his amazing menu. We guarantee it will only make your night a whole lot better. Food, babes, booze and fun! What more can you ask for?

bucks party food


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